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3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System

Maintenance is the key to prolong the life of your building’s HVAC system; however, eventually, there comes a time when replacing the system is the only choice if you’re wondering how to identify whether it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC yet, keep reading!

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System:

Your HVAC system shows certain signs and symptoms that reflect its current state of functioning. You can refer to the following signs indicating it’s time to replace your building’s HVAC system to book a session with an experienced technician:

  • Poor Quality of Indoor Air: On a hot and humid day, a functioning HVAC system should improve indoor air quality. A strong indicator for replacing your HVAC system is when it stops regulating air quality in your building. Strange smells and sounds in the area can be a clear reflection of a broken or problematic HVAC system. You can call your technician to get it tuned up; however, if the problem persists, it can indicate that your building’s HVAC system needs to get replaced on priority. 
  • Age of your HVAC System: Experts highlight an HVAC system older than ten years or so shall be considered for replacement with a new one based on its average usage. Additionally, you might have noticed certain side effects of aging in your system. For instance, an old HVAC may make certain loud and unusual noises or look visibly malfunctioned with rusty pipes and wet walls and windows. It would help if you refrained from ignoring such signs as it may not be far when the system completely shuts down. So, replacing the system with a new one is a wise decision here. 
  • Inconsistent Cooling: Aging may also cause your building’s HVAC system to cool unevenly. Inconsistent cooling is often the result of poor maintenance causing a fault in the thermostat or leaks in ducts. Your building’s temperature may be swinging quite frequently because of an HVAC system that is unable to distribute air evenly across the area. Such a condition is more common in older systems, so if you notice that your building’s environment is cool one moment and warm in another moment, then it shall be considered a sign of a worn-out HVAC system. If general repair and maintenance are not sufficient to fix the issue, then you should replace your building’s system with a modern one at the earliest. 

Any delay in replacing your system despite the signs mentioned above may lead to its complete breakdown. To avoid such a condition for the sake of the comfort of your employees, you should contact your nearest HVAC service provider. In Case if you are looking for Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning services. Contact Us.

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