Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Air Conditioning System

With regular maintenance, proper care, and routine check-up of your air conditioning system, you can ensure that the unit lasts longer. Along with that, the tips and methods provided here will help you ensure that your air conditioning unit works better throughout its lifetime and limit the unit’s energy consumption.

With required air conditioner maintenance, homeowners can ensure that the efficiency and reliability of the air conditioning unit are maintained throughout the year, during all seasons and humidity levels.

One needs to understand how their air conditioning system works to understand its upkeep needs and requirements better. A central air conditioner has two parts, one outdoor unit that acts as a compressor or condenser, and the other is an indoor unit that works as an evaporator.

5 Tips to Maintain the Health of Your Air Conditioning System

  • Wash and clean air filter 

Air filters play an essential part in maintaining the health of your room or the place where the air conditioner system is installed. They filter and obstruct the dust particles and dirt from entering your room. However, these dust particles can accumulate in the filter, blocking the airway, creating excessive strain on the air conditioner, and deteriorating the room’s air quality. The air filters need to be washed and cleaned thoroughly.

  • Clean the coils 

Coils are used in the air conditioner to absorb the heat and cool the temperature of the room. Dust particles that amass inside the coil can reduce its ability to absorb heat. Thus, the air conditioning system will need to work harder to reduce the temperature of the room. Cleaning the coil regularly can ensure that there is no excessive stress on the air conditioner.

  • Condenser Unit Fan

The condenser unit fan cools down the refrigerant gas. However, if it is not in the proper condition, a weird sound is generated inside the AC. In such cases, the condition of the condenser unit fan might be deteriorating, and you will need to call in AC repair Palm Desert.

  • Check the condensate drain. 

The condensate drain effectively condenses the complete air conditioning system. If the drain is clogged, then the drainage of the condensate will hinder and adversely affect the health of the AC. You can get the help of an AC Service in Palm Desert to get the drain checked.

  • Regular professional check-up

To avoid any sudden breakdowns, regular maintenance check-ups by professionals offered by AC service  Palm Desert are necessary. They can troubleshoot for ant issues and ensure that the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system is maintained.

Trained experts can help you understand how you can detect any issue with the air conditioning system. Routine AC services at recommended intervals will include various maintenance requirements such as recharging the refrigerant, replacing air filters, lubricating motors, and bearings, inspecting loose contacts or electric connections, etc. These processes are essential to maintaining the performance of the air conditioner.


Air Conditioner Installation – Benefits of Having A Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioners

The ductless mini-split air conditioning system is more efficient than traditional units like central, floor-mounted, and window heating and cooling systems.

For homes with limited spaces, these units come in a variety of designs and components. They consist of an outdoor compressor along with a condenser and indoor air handling components. Research air conditioning companies in Palm Desert to find your ideal design.

The Benefits Of Having A Ductless Mini-Split AC Are – 


  • Flexible Size And Zoning

A mini-split air conditioner is a small-sized unit that is flexible in its heating and cooling properties. This unit saves spaces in small houses. One outdoor component is made to work with four indoor units for this purpose.

The number of air handlers you need to use depends on the number of zones in your home, and also how often you need to cool or heat the room. The indoor air distribution units can be placed in other rooms to add cool air in that room.

Even if one mini-split has malfunctioned, you can still use the ductless AC as the owner air handlers will work normally. Contact AC Service Palm Desert if all the units are malfunctioning.

  • Energy Efficiency

As these air conditioners have no ductwork, the power used is significantly less compared to traditional units. The air ducts themselves consume more than 30% of the energy for conditioning.

To control the temperatures in a central cooling system, the device must be switched on and off frequently. As a result, more energy is pulled, increasing your bills. Mini-split air conditioners save this energy as they allow you to regulate temperature easily.

  • Less Noise

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recommends you read the manufacturer’s information to understand the amount of sound that the AC will generate before installing to comply with the US Noise Policy. 

With modern mini-split systems, you do not have to worry because these systems work quietly despite the outdoor temperatures reaching peaks. This is because the fans in the units run slowly compared to traditional designs.

  • Aesthetic Interior Designs

Unlike regular air conditioners, these systems can match your interior home designs. Some of these air handling units go many inches deep inside large walls and ceilings, giving your room a sleek look.

  • Easy Installations

Installing a traditional AC unit is a long and complicated process that will take several hours. Mini-split systems are easy to install comparatively. The technician will connect the inner air handlers to the outdoor compressor with the help of a conduit through the wall. Verify by researching these models among various air conditioning companies in Palm Desert.

To have your ductless mini-split system work smoothly and have a long life, you need to be careful with the installation process.

To install a mini-split unit or for air conditioning repair in Palm Desert, contact us at (760)-989-2369 or drop a mail at

Buying A New Air Conditioning For Your Commercial Building

Air conditioners have become a basic requirement, and everyone owns them, whether they live in a house or work in a commercial building. It is crucial to select the appropriate air conditioner, particularly for business buildings. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting AC Repair Palm Desert for commercial buildings.


Modern air conditioners have multiple features making them a little expensive. However, it is important to pick the right air conditioner even though it might be a little costly. A low-cost air conditioner is not a good choice because it might cause various difficulties, in the long run, increasing the likelihood of additional charges. The best option to get a costly air conditioner is to wait for the sale season. If a product is too expensive, most manufacturers will provide a discount. 


The efficiency of an air conditioner is the most crucial factor if you want to keep the energy bills low. A commercial building required multiple air conditioners making it more prone to additional charges. Highly efficient air conditioners have an ERR (energy efficiency rating) rating of above 12 and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) ratings above 14. However, highly efficient models are available at SEER ratings of 16


It is important to consider the size of your room and the size of an air conditioner that you are willing to buy. Short cycles in a large air conditioner make it difficult for the air conditioner to manage humidity concerns. On the other hand, a small air conditioner can take too long to cool down space, making your energy bills hike. The right-sized air conditioner for your room can be determined by an air conditioning repair professional in Palm Desert


The most important part of the air conditioning system is the ductwork. Leaks in the ductwork can significantly reduce the amount of air that flows to your room. A consequence of this is more work for your air conditioners and high energy bills. A lot of air that has to go to your room can escape through leaky ducts. A good AC service in Palm Desert can seal these ducts up to avoid such problems. 


Maintenance from the company that installs your air conditioner can help you make further appointments in the future. A regular checkup for cleaning filters and replacing them might be one of the most common reasons to call up a repair professional. Apart from this, the installation company can also offer benefits such as discounts and offers further in the future. In the end, good maintenance improves the longevity of your air conditioner. 

First Choice is an air conditioning companies in Palm Desert . Our services range from cleaning to replacing air conditioners. We also specialize in contractor services for residential and commercial purposes. Reach out to us on our website to know more about all the services we offer. Call us on (760)-989-2369 to get the right installation services for your commercial buildings.

Top 10 Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are one of the most frequently used household equipment. But they have multiple benefits apart from just cooling down a room. What are the advantages that come with the installation of air conditioners? And why choose the best air conditioning companies in Palm Desert

The Top Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Asthma Attacks

The amount of filth and allergens in the air that flows throughout your home is reduced by using air conditioning. The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool down a room while also improving the quality of the air that flows. Diseases like Asthma can be avoided when the air quality is improved. 


The use of air conditioners allows you to seal and close all your windows and doors. This can directly improve the security as you do not need to leave them open for fresh air. 

Boosts Sleep Levels

According to studies, a rise in body temperature might lead to a lack of sleep. An air conditioner lowers your body’s temperature and decreases the temperature of your room, helping you to sleep well at night. 

Protects The Furniture

Any type of furniture can be ruined by heat and humidity. Moisture gain or loss causes wooden furniture to deteriorate. Apart from that, too much moisture in leather furniture might cause it to lose its quality and durability. Air conditioners maintain a balance in the temperature and reduce the humidity. 

Reduce Insects And Parasites

Insects can cause both you and your pet to develop allergies. Air conditioners significantly reduce the number of bugs and insects within a home. Installation of a good air conditioner from an AC repair company in Palm Desert can help keep the airflow clean. 

Prevents Overheating Of Electronics

The impact of heat on electronics can reduce the longevity of the appliances. Phones and PCs can experience serious meltdowns when the temperature rises. Air conditioners eliminate such problems. 


A person’s productivity can reduce when the surroundings don’t favor them and are a consequence of heat and humidity. Air conditioning services in Palm Desert can help eradicate this problem by keeping the temperature levels convenient for those who work. 

Keeps You Calm

A good level of temperature can allow a person to stay calm. On the contrary, the rise in temperature levels can affect the way a person feels. It becomes hard for a person to concentrate when there are too many other factors distracting them. 

Reduces Dehydration Risks

Sweating can dehydrate a person and is a side effect of high temperatures. It is important to stay hydrated, and one of the key functions of an air conditioner is to reduce dehydration by providing the proper temperature for your body. 


By closing the doors and turning on the air conditioner, you can substantially limit the amount of noise that comes in from outside. On the other hand, leaving your doors open invites unwanted disturbances. 

First Choice is an AC Repair Palm Desert. We are here to provide you with all of the services you require. Get your air conditioner now and leave it to us! Call us on (760)-989-2369 to find out more!


Why Is It Important To Do AC Maintenance Every Year?

Have you ever skipped your annual air conditioner maintenance because you forgot to schedule the service? Don’t worry, a lot of people have! But, we’re here to tell you that this may not be the wisest option for your air conditioner! Why do you ask? Read through this article to understand why air conditioner maintenance is important! In Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning services offering by Us.

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

Air conditioner maintenance service was established so that contractors in all parts of the country can maintain their client’s air conditioning units. It’s to check up on the unit and make sure nothing is wrong. It’s very similar to your annual doctor’s visit. There may be nothing wrong with your health, but getting a check-up isn’t a bad idea.

The same is said for an air conditioner. Maintenance service focuses entirely on checking your unit and seeing whether there are any underlying problems. If there are, the contractor will fix them, and you’ll get the unit working back to normal. 

So, what are the advantages of these?

The answer to that is simple – 

  • You will get a properly working unit which will provide cooler air.
  • The cleaner coils and filters will better the quality of air inside your home. This means this will reduce the chances of allergies and infections.
  • You may be able to detect a broken plate or fan before it goes rogue and breaks down other parts inside your unit.
  • Keeping your AC as a well-oiled machine will make sure the unit can be used for several more years, maybe even past the 12-year limit on most ACs.
  • You’ll remain up to date with your warranty requirements which means the next time something breaks down, you may just get a small discount!

Air conditioner maintenance is recommended by all companies that provide AC service in Palm Desert. Additionally, it is also recommended by federal organizations like the US Department of Energy. Therefore by scheduling this service, you’ll be aligning yourself with the quality requirements set by the government. 

Now that you know the advantages of maintaining your unit, let’s understand what will happen if you don’t maintain your unit – 

  • You may not detect a problem until it festers and causes a complete breakdown of your unit, in which case your only option is replacing your unit completely.
  • You may have to spend double the amount you usually would on repairs or replacement of expensive parts.
  • Your AC will continue to give out cold air, but the chances are this air will come with bacteria or pollen, which may cause rashes and allergies.
  • Not to mention, the overall lifespan of your unit is lowered.

If you’re ready to schedule your annual maintenance but don’t know who to turn to, choose First Choice A/C & Heating Inc. They have been providing HVAC services for over 15 years and are experts in their field. With their affordable rates and excellent team, you won’t find a better service air conditioner repair in Palm Desert. Find out more about their services by visiting their website or calling (760)-989-2369.

Advantages Of Regular AC Maintenance

Have you been postponing your air conditioner maintenance because you don’t have the time? If the answer is yes, then your air conditioner might be in trouble. Your HVAC contractor may have instructed you that air conditioner maintenance is important, and he’s right. Here are a few advantages of getting regular AC maintenance.

Advantages Of Getting Regular AC Maintenance

  • You will improve the indoor air quality of your home.
  • You will increase the lifespan of your unit.
  • All dirt, grime, grease, and anything else stuck inside your unit will be removed.
  • The energy efficiency of your unit will increase.
  • Your AC will not break down regularly.
  • You may notice a decrease in your monthly electricity bills.
  • You can identify a problem before it causes a breakdown or short circuit.
  • It will reduce the chances of infection and allergies inside your home.
  • It maintains the warranty of your unit.

Most people will also inquire about the disadvantages of regular AC maintenance. According to most AC repair Palm Desert, there is only one disadvantage – You will have to book a timeslot! That’s it! Maintaining your AC will save you money in the long run, and therefore, booking a few hours for maintenance is a short price to pay!

Now that you know the advantages of maintaining your AC, here’s a short list of things that should be included in maintenance.

What Should Be Included In AC Maintenance?

When you contact your HVAC contractor, he may provide you with the following services under maintenance – 

  • Inspection, replacement, and cleaning of filters.
  • Inspection, replacement, and cleaning of coils.
  • Straightening of fins on coils.
  • Checking the drainage line and holes to see whether there are any cracks.
  • Checking belts, motors, and other mechanical parts for crack will also replace if anything is broken.
  • Inspection of electrical wiring and rewiring if anything has problems.
  • Inspecting and maintaining refrigerant level.
  • Inspecting the outdoor compressor to ensure it is working properly.

This is a very short list of services that come under maintenance. However, it is worth noting that he may recommend a repair service if the contractor finds any problems. You can opt to sign a maintenance contract with an HVAC professional. The advantages of this contract include – 

  • You don’t have to worry about scheduling the service.
  • It will cover any repairs as long as the damage is not extensive.
  • The contractor can also be contacted in case of other problems that may need repairing.
  • Most contracts have reasonable prices and include 2-3 annual services.

If you don’t have an HVAC contractor, you can always call First Choice A/C & Heating Inc. They are the premier company for AC Service Palm Desert and Heating Services Palm Desert CA provide excellent services to all their clients. Their services can be hired for all types of properties, including residential, commercial, multi-family units, and light commercial! Find out more about their services by visiting –


AC Maintenance : How To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

How Should You Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

Just like when we are stressed out and need a break, our devices too feel the same. Due to continuous performance and usage, our devices too face wear and tear. Thus your air conditioner, heating devices, fans, chimneys, etc., need regular maintenance to keep performing at optimum level. 

When we enjoy the cooling effect of the air conditioner, we hardly think that to keep it that way next season, we need to maintain it. That’s where we make the first mistake. The second thing is that we don’t take the pain to get it serviced regularly and wait till there is a drop in its functioning. 

Here are a few useful tips to take care of your air conditioner so that it keeps on cooling you effectively. 

Clean up the filters

The air filters are one of the components that obstruct the normal airflow when dust fills in. Thus, the first thing as a part of the maintenance you should do is to clean them. If not removed from the filters on time, the dust can spoil the cooling coils as it enters there, damaging the system. As a good practice, you should clean the air filters once a month. 

Evaporator and condenser coil

The air conditioner’s condenser coil is an outside unit exposed to harsh weather and dust. Accumulation of dust, debris, etc., from outside hinders the heat dissipation process at that end. 

The dust from air filters comes here. So, even if you clean the air filter, there are chances that the evaporator coil is not fully cleaned. However, unlike the monthly servicing op air filter, the evaporator coil requires half-yearly or yearly maintenance. 


The water flow from the air conditioner is an important part of its functioning. Thus, you should check for the clogging of the pipes and ensure that they are unclogged. You can check for that once every 15-20 days. 

In cities like Palm Desert, heating and air conditioning are available easily on a call and on-demand. Still, many of us would delay the repair and maintenance too late. When the summers get in and when the air conditioning repair in Palm Desert sees a huge demand, you would have to wait a long time for your device to be repaired. Then you would curse yourself for not acting on time while washing sweat from your face. Don’t want to face that, right? Then it’s time to act. 


First Choice A/C & Heating, Inc. is a provider of some of the best AC Service Palm Desert. We have skilled and experienced staff for the necessary services to be done.


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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready After Winter

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner after Winter

The passing of the winter is a signal that you should get ready for the summer. It means that the last leg of the winter is when you should start checking your appliances. 

Talking about appliances, the prime savior from the summer is your air conditioner. When it’s 40 degrees outside, you won’t like your air conditioner giving you troubles. Thus, to save yourself from that, you should act on time.

It is advised that you check and prepare your devices like AC and heating systems yourself daily. If you feel that going for an AC service provider would be better, reach out to AC repair in Palm Desert for your AC to be in good condition.

Firstly it provides a regular check to the machinery, and second, it can highlight issues that can give you trouble later. Once you notice something is out of your control, then you can always call a professional in Palm Desert heating and air conditioning services provider for assistance. 

However, do note there are some quick things that you can do for your AC to get ready for the summer.



To put your air conditioner to use after winter break, you must check the vents. Being not used for long, the air conditioner’s vents get filled with dust and dust particles. This can circulate the contaminated air when used without checking and cleaning. 


Next up are the filters that get easily clogged when the AC is left unused and gets dusty. The clogging of the filter is a major pull-down for the efficiency of the device. Thus it is advised that you should check for the filters and if it is clogged, get it replaced immediately. 

The thermostat:

A major yet ignored component of the air conditioner device is the Thermostat. It helps you to adjust the temperature settings as per your comfort. Check for the thermostat control and see if temperature control is maintained well or not. If not, then change it. Go for the programmable ones as it’s effective in temperature control. 

Damage check:

Along with the internal checks, you have to perform the external checks of the device as well. This includes checking the circuits and components of the device. 


Many times components get burned, or the wiring is short, which creates troubles for us. If this is checked on time, you can ask for professional assistance and get it repaired. Ignoring it would be catastrophic as it can lead to a fire breaking out. Thus it’s an important check to perform.  

There are many air conditioner repair services providers. You can easily reach out to AC service in Palm Desert and get your necessary services done.


First Choice A/C & Heating, Inc. provides some of the best air conditioning services. We have skilled and experienced staff for the necessary services to be done.


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3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System

Maintenance is the key to prolong the life of your building’s HVAC system; however, eventually, there comes a time when replacing the system is the only choice if you’re wondering how to identify whether it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC yet, keep reading!

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System:

Your HVAC system shows certain signs and symptoms that reflect its current state of functioning. You can refer to the following signs indicating it’s time to replace your building’s HVAC system to book a session with an experienced technician:

  • Poor Quality of Indoor Air: On a hot and humid day, a functioning HVAC system should improve indoor air quality. A strong indicator for replacing your HVAC system is when it stops regulating air quality in your building. Strange smells and sounds in the area can be a clear reflection of a broken or problematic HVAC system. You can call your technician to get it tuned up; however, if the problem persists, it can indicate that your building’s HVAC system needs to get replaced on priority. 
  • Age of your HVAC System: Experts highlight an HVAC system older than ten years or so shall be considered for replacement with a new one based on its average usage. Additionally, you might have noticed certain side effects of ageing in your system. For instance, an old HVAC may make certain loud and unusual noises or look visibly malfunctioned with rusty pipes and wet walls and windows. It would help if you refrained from ignoring such signs as it may not be far when the system completely shuts down. So, replacing the system with a new one is a wise decision here. 
  • Inconsistent Cooling: Aging may also cause your building’s HVAC system to cool unevenly. Inconsistent cooling is often the result of poor maintenance causing a fault in the thermostat or leaks in ducts. Your building’s temperature may be swinging quite frequently because of an HVAC system that is unable to distribute air evenly across the area. Such a condition is more common in older systems, so if you notice that your building’s environment is cool one moment and warm in another moment, then it shall be considered a sign of a worn-out HVAC system. If general repair and maintenance are not sufficient to fix the issue, then you should replace your building’s system with a modern one at the earliest. 

Any delay in replacing your system despite the signs mentioned above may lead to its complete breakdown. To avoid such a condition for the sake of the comfort of your employees, you should contact your nearest HVAC service provider. In Case if you are looking in Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning services. Contact Us.

We suggest First Choice A/C & Heating, Inc. for catering to all of your needs of AC repair in Palm Desert, CA. They offer value for ac repair palm desert money services by staff having in-depth experience and skills to provide you with the best HVAC services in the region. However, they would not turn you down if you’re looking for AC service in palm desert, CA and Heating Services Palm Desert CA They are the premier provider of quality services to both residential and commercial customers. 


Spring Season? More Like, Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Season!

Spring season is finally here. Spring is all about flowers and cool breezes. But there is another aspect of the spring season; maintaining your air conditioners. Summer season is about to come any day, and people have started taking out their summer clothes to prepare themselves for the season. But while preparing to beat the summer heat, people usually forget about one of the main things that keep them cool in this hot heat; their air conditioners. People tend to start using their air conditioners without any maintenance or repair.

Why maintain the air conditioners?

People should have their air conditioners maintained and repaired before they use them. From the outside, the air conditioner may be in proper condition. But we never know what maintenance the inside equipment of the air conditioners needs. Have a look at a few of the reasons to think about repairing your air conditioners:

  • Better cooling: The air conditioner’s efficiency and cooling capacity stays constant by maintenance at regular time intervals. People usually change the thermostat to cool their houses, but this is not enough to handle the extreme heat. Only air conditioners can help us bear such heat.
  • No humidity: Humidity is a huge inconvenience in the summer season. Moreover, if not taken care of, it can cause health issues. The air inside homes should be humidity-free so that the members can live without any problems. Maintaining air conditioners at the right time will save you from the issue of humidity.
  • Less electricity bill: If you feel that your air conditioner bill is hiking each month, it may be because of no repairing and maintenance. Air conditioners maintained at the correct time work more efficiently and will not cause a rise in the electricity bill.
  • Increases the air conditioner’s longevity: With proper maintenance, air conditioners last longer than they would have with no repairing. Poorly maintained air conditioners do not work efficiently for a long time as their insides start malfunctioning.

However, it is not easy to find trustworthy companies that will correctly repair and maintain our air conditioner. Most of the repairing companies do temporary solutions to permanent problems, which can take a toll on the owners’ pockets. 

Air conditioner owners can visit First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated to ensure proper repairing and maintenance of their air conditioners with solutions that last for a long time and not just for a few months. First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated provides its customers with AC service Palm Desert with satisfaction and guarantee. The experienced and trained staff at First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated will surely solve all the technical and general issues related to air conditioners for their customers and visitors.

Not only air conditioning services, First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated also deals with AC repair Palm Desert, CA if you wish to be prepared beforehand for the winter season that is yet to come.

Contact us today and get your air conditioner repaired and maintained such that you could stay stress-free for the rest of the year!