3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System

Maintenance is the key to prolong the life of your building’s HVAC system; however, eventually, there comes a time when replacing the system is the only choice if you’re wondering how to identify whether it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC yet, keep reading!

3 Signs You Need To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System:

Your HVAC system shows certain signs and symptoms that reflect its current state of functioning. You can refer to the following signs indicating it’s time to replace your building’s HVAC system to book a session with an experienced technician:

  • Poor Quality of Indoor Air: On a hot and humid day, a functioning HVAC system should improve indoor air quality. A strong indicator for replacing your HVAC system is when it stops regulating air quality in your building. Strange smells and sounds in the area can be a clear reflection of a broken or problematic HVAC system. You can call your technician to get it tuned-up; however, if the problem persists, it can indicate that your building’s HVAC system needs to get replaced on priority. 
  • Age of your HVAC System: Experts highlight an HVAC system older than ten years or so shall be considered for replacement with a new one based on its average usage. Additionally, you might have noticed certain side-effects of aging in your system. For instance, an old HVAC may make certain loud and unusual noises or look visibly malfunctioned with rusty pipes and wet walls and windows. It would help if you refrained from ignoring such signs as it may not be far when the system completely shuts down. So, replacing the system with a new one is a wise decision here. 
  • Inconsistent Cooling: Aging may also cause your building’s HVAC system to cool unevenly. Inconsistent cooling is often the result of poor maintenance causing a fault in the thermostat or leaks in ducts. Your building’s temperature may be swinging quite frequently because of an HVAC system that is unable to distribute air evenly across the area. Such a condition is more common in older systems, so if you notice that your building’s environment is cool one moment and warm in another moment, then it shall be considered a sign of a worn-out HVAC system. If general repair and maintenance are not sufficient to fix the issue, then you should replace your building’s system with a modern one at the earliest. 

Any delay in replacing your system despite the signs mentioned above may lead to its complete breakdown. To avoid such a condition for the sake of the comfort of your employees, you should contact your nearest HVAC service provider. 

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Spring Season? More Like, Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Season!

Spring season is finally here. Spring is all about flowers and cool breezes. But there is another aspect of the spring season; maintaining your air conditioners. Summer season is about to come any day, and people have started taking out their summer clothes to prepare themselves for the season. But while preparing to beat the summer heat, people usually forget about one of the main things that keep them cool in this hot heat; their air conditioners. People tend to start using their air conditioners without any maintenance or repair.

Why maintain the air conditioners?

People should have their air conditioners maintained and repaired before they use them. From the outside, the air conditioner may be in proper condition. But we never know what maintenance the inside equipment of the air conditioners needs. Have a look at a few of the reasons to think about repairing your air conditioners:

  • Better cooling: The air conditioner’s efficiency and cooling capacity stays constant by maintenance at regular time intervals. People usually change the thermostat to cool their houses, but this is not enough to handle the extreme heat. Only air conditioners can help us bear such heat.
  • No humidity: Humidity is a huge inconvenience in the summer season. Moreover, if not taken care of, it can cause health issues. The air inside homes should be humidity-free so that the members can live without any problems. Maintaining air conditioners at the right time will save you from the issue of humidity.
  • Less electricity bill: If you feel that your air conditioner bill is hiking each month, it may be because of no repairing and maintenance. Air conditioners maintained at the correct time work more efficiently and will not cause a rise in the electricity bill.
  • Increases the air conditioner’s longevity: With proper maintenance, air conditioners last longer than they would have with no repairing. Poorly maintained air conditioners do not work efficiently for a long time as their insides start malfunctioning.

However, it is not easy to find trustworthy companies that will correctly repair and maintain our air conditioner. Most of the repairing companies do temporary solutions to permanent problems, which can take a toll on the owners’ pockets. 

Air conditioner owners can visit First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated to ensure proper repairing and maintenance of their air conditioners with solutions that last for a long time and not just for a few months. First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated provides its customers with AC service Palm Desert with satisfaction and guarantee. The experienced and trained staff at First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated will surely solve all the technical and general issues related to air conditioners for their customers and visitors.

Not only air conditioning services, First Choice A/C and Heating Incorporated also deals with AC repair Palm Desert, CA if you wish to be prepared beforehand for the winter season that is yet to come.

Contact us today and get your air conditioner repaired and maintained such that you could stay stress-free for the rest of the year!


Get Your Machinery Serviced Regularly

Air conditioners are most commonly used in houses and closed spaces like offices, restaurants, stores, etc. As they are very commonly used throughout the seasons, they require necessary changes and proper maintenance from time to time. 

There are many parts and equipment in the systems which require time and attention for their proper functioning. It is extremely difficult to purchase a new system every time, which causes loss. So the air conditioners should be paid proper attention and maintained regularly.

You should provide your cooling unit with some services to keep it functioning properly. There are different types of systems, both old and new, which may require repairs and maintenance services. Many companies provide heating and cooling services as they are to deal with various models and types of air conditioners. They can be provided with repairs and replacement of equipment like filters etc. Some AC’s require ductless and ductwork services which suit the system.

Services for central and split ACs

  • The services depend upon the model of the air conditioner and how they are built. Services can be required as continuous use may slow down their cooling service, and non-stop use may result in the maintenance required or repairs in some of the equipment. 
  • You can contact technicians to look into your air conditioner and ask for advice regarding their maintenance. 
  • Installation and replacement services are also available for the air conditioners as they have to be done carefully with the right knowledge regarding the fitting of the system. 
  • These services have to be provided to avoid damage to the air conditioner and the right direction of airflow in the house. 
  • You can ask the technicians questions and advice regarding preventing the system from damage and irregular functioning.

You can browse online to know about all the services provided and go through the reviews before making an appointment with the company of your choice. Your chosen company should also provide installment and replacement services that greatly help the customers as it requires essential knowledge.

The technicians advise further maintenance. You can ask them questions regarding your system and how you can maintain it throughout the season. HVAC companies provide regular maintenance appointments for the systems, which the customers can choose.

They also provide installation, tuning up, and other maintenance services for your heat pumps and water heaters to keep them working efficiently and prevent any damage. There are many companies you can choose from who provide AC service in Palm Desert.

Why First Choice AC and Heating Inc.?

If you’re looking for AC Repair in Palm Desert, you can opt for First choice A/C and heating inc. The company provides different types of heating and repair services for your desired systems. You can book an appointment on your required date and time, and the team of technicians will reach and look into the situation.


Harmful Effects Of Extreme Cold Weather

It is difficult to predict the extremities of the weather in today’s time. We all have witnessed a drastic climatic change with the onset of winters every year. It is evident from the past that there is a continuous decrease in the temperature during the winter season. Extreme cold weather could have dangerous effects on your health. There is a crucial need to get prepared for such conditions.

How does cold weather affect your health?

It is very important to retain your health with the winters getting colder every year in California. The absence of proper woolen clothes or reliable heating services in Palm Desert, CA, could lead to unhealthy conditions.

Increases stress

Cold weather decreases the capability of your body to cope with psychological stress. Increasing stress also leads to other health conditions such as physical exertions, increasing blood pressure, and heart problems.

Weakens the immune system

Extreme low temperature affects the blood flow in your body. It reduces the blood supply to the vital body parts, decreasing the count of white blood cells. It can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of catching diseases like cold and flu.

Dry skin and frostnip

Cold weather conditions affect the balance of moisture on your skin. It makes the skin dry and prone to cuts and damages. Change in the blood flow can further lead to conditions of frostnip. It makes somebody’s parts pale due to lack of blood.


Hypothermia occurs when your body gets used to the cold weather. The temperature of your body drops below the natural temperature of 95°F. It results in conditions like shivering, numbness, and tiredness.

What precautions should be taken in winters?


Covering your body with warm clothes is the best way to survive cold temperatures. You should dress in layers to keep your body warm and away from unhealthy conditions. Eating well and keeping your body hydrated would help to cope with the low temperatures.


During extreme winter conditions, staying indoors is the smartest decision. Heating devices and systems prove to help keep your indoors warm. Trustworthy heating services in Palm Desert, CA, help you cope with the ill effects of extreme cold.

The different types of heating systems

It is essential to install a heating system in your homes and workplaces to ensure balanced temperatures during winters. It is also vital to maintain your heating devices and opt for an optimum heating replacement in Palm Desert, CA.

  • Furnace: It generates hot air and circulates it through the duct system of your apartment or office.
  • Boiler: A boiler heats the water, and it flows through a network of pipes in your homes, making it warm.
  • Heat pump: It extracts the natural heat from the outside air and circulates it into your home or workplace.

It is best to stay prepared for extreme climate changes by keeping yourself warm in winters. First Choice A/C and Heating provide you with exceptional cooling and heating systems. The team of experts in our employee takes care of all your requirements from installation and repair to heating replacement in Palm Desert, CA. We help you survive the winters comfortably with affordable services.


Furnace system: Everything you need to know

Everybody requires a furnace system during winters. They help to provide a comfortable and cozy environment, which is quite helpful, especially in cold climates. However, if you are not maintaining it properly, then it can be dangerous. It can cause various health concerns and wastage of money. Let us know more about a furnace heating system.

What is a heating furnace?

A furnace is a device that can help to provide you a warm environment at your home. These are heating appliances that are used to heat an interior place with the help of an intermediary fluid movement. Furnaces burn propane or natural gas in their burner and the heat produced this way passes through the heat exchanger. This makes the exchanger hot, which in turn warms the air when the air hits it.  

What are the advantages of using a heating furnace?

A furnace can bring you various types of benefits. They give you a warm and cozy environment so that you can concentrate more on your work. At home, a furnace can help you to relax comfortably and release all your stress. 

A good and efficient furnace can help you to save costs in the long run. This is because a dirty furnace consumes more energy to raise the temperature of your home. This can lead to an increase in your monthly bills. Thus, maintenance of a heating system can provide efficient use of energy along with lower costs. 

They can also help to improve the air quality at your place and provide you with extra comfort. Using a furnace in offices can help workers to work comfortably and makes the working more efficient and productive. Similarly, using a furnace at home can help you to rest in a warm and relaxed environment.

 What are the disadvantages of using an inefficient furnace?

A poorly maintained furnace requires more energy to work. This will lead to higher electricity bills. Your system also becomes less durable and can contribute to environmental pollution as well. Moreover, a damaged furnace can cost you a lot of different repairs and the replacement of the furnace itself over time. 

 An inefficient furnace can produce soot, smoke, weird noises, foul odor and can make it difficult for you to concentrate on work. Using an inefficient for a long time can also cause various health problems, which include asthma, breathlessness, respiratory disease, stroke, and many more.

First Choice A/C & Heating Inc have been in the industry for more than 40 years and have helped various individuals and their families to get ultimate comfort. They have a team of skilled professionals that provides you Furnace repair Palm Desert, CA friendly advice along with the nicest service possible. You can avail all types of services at First Choice A/C & Heating Inc. This includes a heating system service, air conditioning service, indoor air quality, maintenance, installation, and many more. The licensed technician’s team helps you to maintain climate control systems and provide you to retain peace of mind.

Everything you need to know about heating systems

Everyone uses a heating service during winters and cooling systems during summers. They help to provide a comfortable and calm atmosphere. But these systems constantly require maintenance and repair. It can be quite difficult to get a reliable heating replacement Palm Desert CA

An inefficient heating system can cause various problems. This not includes increased cost and environmental pollution but also leads to various health problems. Thus, to maintain your and your family’s health, to increase the productivity of your work, or to rest comfortably at your home, you require a good and efficient heating system and need to maintain it properly.

Parts of a heating system

Before talking about the advantages of a heating system and the problems of using a dirty one, let us briefly look at how the heating system works and what are the different parts in it. 

  • Parts of heating systems

Some of the most important parts of a heating system include the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, blower motor, compressor, evaporator coil, and thermostat. Each of these is essential in the well-being of the system.

  • Working of heating systems

A heating system’s burners produce combustible gases, which are then passed through the heat exchanger. The exchanger is now hot and warms the room when cold air hits it. This warm air is then passed to the rest of the house through the duct system. Therefore, heating a room or a house is a constant cycle of passing air to and from the room.

Advantages of using a heating system in the home or office

A heating system can provide you with various benefits. Especially in a cold climate, you look for a warm and cozy atmosphere at your home where you can comfortably relax. Also, in offices, a warm and comfortable ambiance can help you focus on work better and thus increase productivity. 

Using a dirty or neglected heating system can lead to greater costs and increased energy consumption. However, a good heating system is quite efficient and helps you to save money. A good heating system can provide you with increased comfort and improve the air quality at your place. 

Health problems caused due to inefficient heating system

An inefficient heating system can also lead to various health problems. This is due to soot and smoke released by an inefficient heating system, the noise produced by it, foul smell produced, and many more. These factors can contribute to adverse health effects such as breathing problems, asthma, stroke, irritation, fatigue, heart diseases, and in the long term. It can also contribute to various types of cancer. Thus, it is very important to use efficient and well-maintained heating systems.

First Choice A/C & Heating Inc is one of the best companies Heating services Palm Desert that has been providing quality services for 40 years. The main motto of Air Conditioning Experts is their customers’ needs. They try their best to provide the best solution at affordable prices. It provides various types of services, and all the services are good and satisfying. Whether it is for heating system maintenance during the winter or installing an air conditioner, you can get every type of service without going out of budget. 


4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Heat Pump

As a homeowner of Palm Desert, you make a massive investment while buying a heating device. Unsurprisingly many questions are running through your mind while purchasing a new heat pump for your house. Heat pumps are considered one of the most efficient home heating systems that reduce your environmental footprint. As a dependable service provider for heat pump repair in Palm Desert, we help our customers to make the right decisions while buying a heat pump, which meets their financial goals. Why? Because we want you to be satisfied with the heat pump for years to come.

To Assist You in Buying a New Heat Pump, Here Are 4 Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself: 


How Much Am I Able to Spend? 

Heat pumps are excellent and efficient home appliances. Generally, there is a thumb rule: the more you invest, the less you need to pay in the long run. Typically, all efficient products have a higher cost than less efficient devices. Investing in the right heat pump can also save on your energy costs over the long term. High-end home appliances last longer and significantly increase your return on investment.

What Kind of Heat Pump Do I Need? 

There are ductless and ducted heat pumps available in the market. The ducted heat pumps transfer heat from the outdoor air to warm your home during the winter and expel your home’s heat during summer. The ductless heat pumps work similarly but without ducts, and they are typically the most efficient home appliances on the market today. Each type of heat pump has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Our heat pump expert can help you to find the best fit for your needs.

What Type of Thermostat Should I Buy? 

During our heating services in Palm Desert, CA, we suggest that homeowners install a programmable thermostat. While installing a new heat pump, our technician can install a new thermostat in your room. Based on your home needs, you can choose between a standard and a programmable thermostat. Where standard thermostats provide you “heat” or “cool” option along with an “on” or “auto” fan control, programmable thermostats operate automatically and adjust the home temperature as needed. Programmable thermostats are cost-effective, and they make your system run while monitoring energy consumption.

Should I Buy A Dual Fuel System? 

If you live in an area where the electric costs are higher than in other areas, you may consider buying a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system generally is supplemented with a natural gas or propane furnace. When the temperature outside is too low for your heat pump to operate efficiently, the furnace will start automatically. A dual fuel system is an excellent choice for below freezing temperature.

If you want more help while buying a new heat pump for your home, call us and learn more. We, First Choice A/C & Heating, Inc., offers top-notch heating services in Palm Desert, CA, and surrounding areas, such as

Talk to our expert at 760-989-2369 to book an emergency service or install a new heat pump.


4 Reasons Why Early Furnace Services Are Beneficial

Due to the fluctuating climate of Palm Desert, there can be an infinite number of reasons you might need a furnace repair in Palm Desert, CA. And while arranging for furnace service, you need to pay a little attention to the ticking clock. Why? Because when a furnace starts malfunctioning, the countdown begins, and calling an HVAC contractor at the earliest is beneficial in many ways.

In this article, First Choice A/C & Heating will explain why you should act a little quick while arranging a furnace repair in Palm Desert, CA.

Why You Need A Heating Service as Early as Possible When Anything Goes Wrong with Your Device? 

It Saves You Money

When your furnace starts working differently, you are left with no other option than calling for a furnace expert. Avoiding the problem and keeping on running your system make the problems more severe than earlier.

If you are furnace is not working efficiently due to loosening or broken interior component, keeping on using the equipment may make the problem more prominent, and your furnace can end up breaking down completely. Early problem detection and repairing saves you hundreds of dollars.

It Brings Your Comfort Back

A broken furnace interrupts your comfort. During the chilly winter days, if your furnace breaks down, you start shivering. Calling for a heating replacement in Palm Desert, CA as soon as you doubt any problem with your heating device can help you to get an early service, and your system starts working again, without keeping you on the verge of discomfort for a long time.

It Keeps You Safe

Numerous wirings carry electric and gas energy to your furnace. In many cases, the furnaces malfunction due to lose electrical wirings or gas leakages. Both incidents can bring hazardous risks to your health and home. If you find your furnace to work differently than usual, it is better to call First Choice A/C & Heating. Our HVAC technicians check your system and fix all the problems, including loose-fitting wirings and leakages.

It Protects Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

All the furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you read the warranty contract carefully, you will find that not all your furnace parts are covered by the warranty. And you need to maintain your furnace to a certain extent to avail of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Scheduling a quick heating services in Palm Desert, CA with First Choice A/C & Heating helps you get an early resolution and keeps your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Many DIY home improvement tips can work correctly for your furnace when anything goes wrong. However, as one of your home’s most essential systems, you always need to depend on professionals to tackle a furnace repair project. Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge and skill to resolve your furnace issues safely.

We offer annual maintenance services to keep your home heating systems safe and up to the mark all year long. If you find your furnace is not working as efficiently as it should, call us at 760-989-2369 and schedule an appointment without wasting further time.


Heat Pump vs. AC, Which system should we use

A heat pump or an Air Conditioner? This is a question that is almost as old as these two devices themselves. Well, today, this blog hopes to answer this question for you and give you a brief idea about what these 2 devices are all about.

What is the difference?

The most fundamental difference between the two is the nature of the work that they do. AC is a one-way system where it releases cool or cold, compressed air directly through the help of its condenser, etc. A heat pump on the other hand is a two-way street. This means that not only can it pump heat, it can also suck it in.

In other words, an AC will only cool the room or, if it is strong enough, the entire house. A heat pump on the other can both cool and heat the entire house or room it is fitted in. The systems in place in both the devices are pretty similar wherein they both have coils that heat up and disperse the heat outside while keeping indoors cool and comfortable.

Which is better?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. This nuance mainly arises because ACs can also be fitted with furnaces and act as a solid heat pump replacement. However, if you did have to decide between the two, then which one should you opt for? The answer is dependent on 2 major factors

  1. The climate of the area you live in
  2. Your budget

The climate is a major issue simply because it determines whether or not you need a heat pump. If you live in an area with a frigid winter like those in Alaska, then a heat pump is something that you have to have. Without it, you will essentially be facing an existential crisis.

On the other hand, in case you are living in an area with a mild winter, where it rarely ever even snows, then a heat pump is not something you need. So, going out of your way to buy one is pretty redundant, all things considered. As far as people living in arid regions are concerned, a heat pump will never be used for keeping the indoors warm. So, any old AC will do.

The budget is the other main factor at play here. As touched upon earlier, ACs with furnaces often perform the same function as a heat pump. So, if you are strapped for cash, then that is the way to go as heat pumps are on the expensive side of things.

With that being said, irrespective of whichever option you do go for, the device will need frequent servicing to keep it running for a long period. Well, in case you live in Palm Desert, CA, heating and AC service needs are not something you need to worry about.

First Choice AC and Heating is the one-stop solution for all heat pump repair in Palm DesertWhen you come to us, you won’t ever contact any other heating services in Palm Desert, CA again. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get an obligation free quote from us straight away!


furnace and air conditioner

Replacing Furnace and Air Conditioner Together —the Definitive Guide

In many homes, the furnace and the air conditioner are bought and installed separately. In some homes, people have installed the HVAC system in which the heating and cooling is controlled from a single machine. In HVAC systems, the whole system needs to be repaired or replaced as required, when problems crop up. However, if the units are separate and independent, they can be repaired and replaced individually. But many leading HVAC providers and contractors have been asked if the furnace and the air conditioner need to be replaced at the same time or not.

There is no definite answer to this question as the action of replacement depends upon many factors. First and foremost, the age of the units have to be taken into consideration along with the age of the property which needs cooling and heating. Local climatic condition is also a crucial factor. We know that technology is getting better and the latest Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning systems have such technology implemented in them. If you are looking for advanced and better technology, you can think of replacement for sure. Last, but not the least, you have to make sure that the furnace and the air conditioner sync and match with one another so that it is perfect for your home. It should also fit well within your budget.

 Guide for replacing the Furnace and Air Conditioner together

If furnace repair in Palm Desert, CA is becoming expensive, it is time that you think of replacing your furnace. At the same time, it is recommended to get the air conditioner replaced as well. It might happen that the air conditioner is working fine presently, but replacing it with the furnace is a good idea. It has been seen that when both the systems are replaced together, it helps in saving money and energy in the long run.

The longevity of a modern furnace is 15-20 years; while that of a central air conditioning system is 12-15 years. The life of these systems depend on the efficiency and quality of the equipment. Since the life expectancy of the two devices is almost close to one another, replacing them together is not a bad idea.

Advantages of replacing the furnace and the air conditioner together

When the strain on the furnace and the air conditioner is reduced, it positively impacts the lifespan of the system. The longevity and efficiency of both the machines are enhanced along with increasing the comfort factor at home, with replacement of both the cooling and heating system simultaneously. Some of the main advantages of replacing both the systems together are as follows:

  • Enhances longevity of both the systems
  • Well synced systems complement one another
  • Best home comfort levels are achieved
  • The performance of the overallsystem gets better

Whether you are looking to replace the heating and cooling system in your home together or separately, you can always get in touch with First Choice A/C & Heating Inc. Call the company at 760-989-2369 for more information.