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Advantages Of Regular AC Maintenance

Have you been postponing your air conditioner maintenance because you don’t have the time? If the answer is yes, then your air conditioner might be in trouble. Your HVAC contractor may have instructed you that air conditioner maintenance is important, and he’s right. Here are a few advantages of getting regular AC maintenance.

Advantages Of Getting Regular AC Maintenance

  • You will improve the indoor air quality of your home.
  • You will increase the lifespan of your unit.
  • All dirt, grime, grease, and anything else stuck inside your unit will be removed.
  • The energy efficiency of your unit will increase.
  • Your AC will not break down regularly.
  • You may notice a decrease in your monthly electricity bills.
  • You can identify a problem before it causes a breakdown or short circuit.
  • It will reduce the chances of infection and allergies inside your home.
  • It maintains the warranty of your unit.

Most people will also inquire about the disadvantages of regular AC maintenance. According to most AC repairs in Palm Desert, there is only one disadvantage – You will have to book a timeslot! That’s it! Maintaining your AC will save you money in the long run, and therefore, booking a few hours for maintenance is a short price to pay!

Now that you know the advantages of maintaining your AC, here’s a shortlist of things that should be included in maintenance.

What Should Be Included In AC Maintenance?

When you contact your HVAC contractor, he may provide you with the following services under maintenance:

  • Inspection, replacement, and cleaning of filters.
  • Inspection, replacement, and cleaning of coils.
  • Straightening of fins on coils.
  • Checking the drainage line and holes to see whether there are any cracks.
  • Checking belts, motors, and other mechanical parts for crack will also replace if anything is broken.
  • Inspection of electrical wiring and rewiring if anything has problems.
  • Inspecting and maintaining refrigerant level.
  • Inspecting the outdoor compressor to ensure it is working properly.

This is a very short list of services that come under maintenance. However, it is worth noting that he may recommend a repair service if the contractor finds any problems. You can opt to sign a maintenance contract with an HVAC professional. The advantages of this contract include:

  • You don’t have to worry about scheduling the service.
  • It will cover any repairs as long as the damage is not extensive.
  • The contractor can also be contacted in case of other problems that may need repairing.
  • Most contracts have reasonable prices and include 2-3 annual services.

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