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Air Conditioner Installation – Benefits of Having A Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioners

The ductless mini-split air conditioning system is more efficient than traditional units like central, floor-mounted, and window heating and cooling systems.

For homes with limited spaces, these units come in a variety of designs and components. They consist of an outdoor compressor along with a condenser and indoor air handling components. Research air conditioning companies in Palm Desert to find your ideal design.

The Benefits Of Having A Ductless Mini-Split AC Are:

Flexible Size And Zoning

A mini-split air conditioner is a small-sized unit that is flexible in its heating and cooling properties. This unit saves spaces in small houses. One outdoor component is made to work with four indoor units for this purpose.

The number of air handlers you need to use depends on the number of zones in your home, and also how often you need to cool or heat the room. The indoor air distribution units can be placed in other rooms to add cool air in that room.

Even if one mini-split has malfunctioned, you can still use the ductless AC as the owner air handlers will work normally. Contact AC Service in Palm Desert if all the units are malfunctioning.

Energy Efficiency

As these air conditioners have no ductwork, the power used is significantly less compared to traditional units. The air ducts themselves consume more than 30% of the energy for conditioning.

To control the temperatures in a central cooling system, the device must be switched on and off frequently. As a result, more energy is pulled, increasing your bills. Mini-split air conditioners save this energy as they allow you to regulate temperature easily.

Less Noise

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recommends you read the manufacturer’s information to understand the amount of sound that the AC will generate before installing to comply with the US Noise Policy. 

With modern mini-split systems, you do not have to worry because these systems work quietly despite the outdoor temperatures reaching peaks. This is because the fans in the units run slowly compared to traditional designs.

Aesthetic Interior Designs

Unlike regular air conditioners, these systems can match your interior home designs. Some of these air handling units go many inches deep inside large walls and ceilings, giving your room a sleek look.

Easy Installations

Installing a traditional AC unit is a long and complicated process that will take several hours. Mini-split systems are easy to install comparatively. The technician will connect the inner air handlers to the outdoor compressor with the help of a conduit through the wall. Verify by researching these models among various air conditioning companies in Palm Desert.

To have your ductless mini-split system work smoothly and have a long life, you need to be careful with the installation process.

To install a mini-split unit or for air conditioning repair in Palm Desert, contact us at (760) 989-2369 or drop a mail at [email protected].