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Air Conditioner Not Working Problems and Solutions

Air Conditioner Repair in Palm Desert.

It can be quite frustrating to see that your home air conditioner or central air conditioning solution is not working well. AC’s are quite costly and you invest in such a device with certain longevity in mind. An air conditioner may not run or it may develop snag owing to a number of reasons. Some of these issues can be diagnosed and fixed by the users. However, to resolve more serious AC problems, you will have to hire a reliable company offering Air Conditioning Repair in Palm Desert.

Learning about the common AC problems and their solutions

  • AC isn’t running at all: When you find the AC is not running at all, check the thermostat and switches carefully. Is everything in shape or not? Check if the main AC switch has become loose or if any wiring has got damaged. The thermostat should be set to cool or Auto setting. If everything is fine, but the AC does not run, hire a suitable AC Service in Palm Desert.
  • AC making weird sounds: The central air conditioning setups and split AC models are whisper quiet. Window AC units do make some sound, though. However, an air conditioner is not supposed to make loud noise while running. If you find your AC is making weird sounds when you switch it on or when it is running, there is something wrong with the compressor or other parts. Call a top HVAC repair company without delay.
  • AC starting and stopping: The AC’s with fixed speed compressors do have running cycles. The compressor begins when the set temperature is below the room temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, it stops running. It restarts as the room temperature begins rising. This goes on in a cycle. However, this restart cycle should not be too rapid. If you find the AC compressor is starting and stopping faster than usual, call an HVAC agency.
  • AC not cooling well or throwing warm air: If you find the AC is throwing in warm air instead of offering to cool, check the air filter. It may also be caused by coolant leakage. While refrigerant leakage is not very common it is not unheard of either. Sometimes, you may find it hard to spot the leakage, and calling a technician is what you need to do. If the filter is dirty that can be cleaned at home too.

Other AC problems signs

There are some other signs of AC problems that you should learn about. These include:

  • A stale smell pervading the room when you switch on the AC.
  • The room is dustier than ever.
  • A sharp rise in energy bills.

Finding the best agency for AC problem resolution

When you spot any of these AC problems and want an effective and lasting solution, hiring a reliable HVAC company is necessary. If you do not have enough time to look for such entities, In Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning services offering by Us.  just call First Choice AC & Heating Inc Dial (760) 989-2369 to know more on its services.