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Do Air Conditioners Help With Indoor Air Quality?

The use of air conditioning increases during the summer months when temperatures begin to rise. But, do you ever consider how air conditioning affects indoor air quality?

Let’s dispel some common misconceptions about air conditioners and learn how they affect the air quality in your home.

Two Significant Myths About Air Conditioning.

  • Outdoor air is brought inside by air conditioners.
    Air conditioners recycle existing air in your home. Refrigerants, fans, and evaporator coils work together to produce the cold air that moves through and maintains a pleasant temperature while the air conditioner is working. 
    Air conditioners bring outside air into the house. You can consult any Palm Desert air conditioning company to resolve these issues. 
  • Air conditioners either filter impurities or cleanse the air.
    They are unable to and do not cleanse the air. Instead, dust, pollen, and other allergens are filtered by the air filter close to the return air duct. Contrary to popular belief, air filters are a component of the complete HVAC system, not just the air conditioner itself. 
    The air filter you choose majorly affects the filtration process, but the condensing unit does not clean the air inside your home. Contact an HVAC technician to get AC repaired in Palm Desert to maintain air filters.

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A whole HVAC system is made up of several components and mechanisms. An air conditioner cannot improve healthy indoor air quality by itself. Indoor air quality, on the other hand, flourishes when the unit is equipped with extra components that are installed instantly and integrated with the HVAC system.

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