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Rancho Mirage Air Conditioning & Heating

Rancho Mirage Air Conditioning & Heating

Rancho Mirage is located in the Coachella Valley. High mountain ranges on three sides and a south-sloping valley floor all contribute to its unique and year-round warm climate. Rancho Mirage summer highs above 108° F are common and sometimes exceed 120° F.

First Choice AC & Heating Inc is a full-service air conditioning contractor available with experience in ac repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Rancho Mirage Air Conditioning Repair

Our air conditioning repair experts are dedicated to meeting your needs and helping you to achieve a comfortable temperature in your home as soon as possible! We provide air conditioning repairs for Rancho Mirage. We are ready to respond to any furnace or air conditioner repair or maintenance.

First Choic AC & Heating INCRancho Mirage Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Rancho Mirage

First Choice AC & Heating Inc offers state of the art products and services for air conditioning & heating at reasonable prices. We work with leading HVAC manufacturers so we can offer you the most sophisticated and advanced heating & cooling products available on the market today.First Choic AC & Heating INC

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our affordable maintenance plans include scheduled inspections as well as discounts on parts and services should you experience problems with your air conditioner. Our preventative maintenance agreements include an annual evaluation of your home’s air conditioning system.

First Choic AC & Heating INCAC Maintenance Plan

Ductless Mini Split Systems

It’s possible to transform any room in your home or your entire home into an oasis of comfort; cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. A ductless system gives you precise temperature control even in spaces you thought would be impossible to fix.

First Choic AC & Heating INCDuctless Mini Splits

Rancho Mirage Air Conditioning & Heating

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