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Coachella Valley Small Packaged Units

Coachella Valley Small Packaged Units

Coachella Valley Small Packaged UnitsAll-in-one or Packaged System – Packaged systems are all-in-one solutions, with most of the components for heating and/or cooling housed in a single cabinet.

Packaged systems are popular in certain regions, where construction techniques favor a single cabinet system rather than a split system, which has both an outdoor and an indoor unit.

Typically, packaged units are installed outdoors at ground level, in a crawl space, or they may be installed on the roof for horizontal or down-flow designs. Available in the same configurations, and utilizing the same components as split systems, packaged units also offer a variety of efficiency options. Unlike split systems, in a packaged system, most components are in one cabinet.

Packaged Air Conditioner

In parts of the country where the weather tends to be warmer, a packaged air conditioner is the perfect solution. Higher-efficiency units are available offering humidity control. Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Palm Desert and the surrounding areas.

Packaged Heat Pump

With heating, air conditioning, and air-handling functions in one unit, a packaged heat pump can take care of all your home comfort needs. A high-efficiency packaged heat pump can have two-stage heating and air conditioning for maximum comfort and efficiency. Schedule Heat Pump Repair Palm Desert and the surrounding areas.

Packaged Dual Fuel

A packaged dual fuel unit has what you might call a split personality. As a heat pump, it cools and dehumidifies your house in the summer. During the spring and fall, the heat pump provides high-efficiency heating. Then, when the temperature dips well below freezing, it can provide gas heat for greater comfort. If you live where natural gas is not available, you can use propane gas as fuel.

Packaged Gas Electric

A packaged gas electric unit offers you electric air conditioning and gas heating. In warm weather, it’s an all-electric high-efficiency air conditioner. In cold weather, it provides warmth from natural gas or propane, giving you the best of both energy worlds. A high-efficiency gas-electric packaged unit can come equipped with two-stage heating and air conditioning for more efficient energy use.

Coachella Valley Small Packaged Units

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