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What Should I Do to Prepare My Air Conditioner For Summer?

AC service technicians in Palm Desert have one recommendation for all AC owners during the summer; it is better to prep your household’s AC system in the spring season to enjoy the summer without any potential issues. 

Advantages of preparing the AC system in the spring season!

Here are some advantages that you may get if you prepare your AC system a little early before the summer season arrives:

  • You can spend the summers without worrying about any sudden breakdown. 
  • The AC system provides world-class quality air services for the whole season. 
  • If the Palm Desert air conditioning company’s technicians suggest you replace the AC unit, you can purchase a new one after conducting thorough research. But unfortunately, sudden and impulsive decisions may not work every time. 
  • No loud AC noises disturb your sleep at night.  

Tips to schedule your AC system for the summer season!

Here are some expert tips from our professional and experienced air conditioning repair technician in Palm Desert that will help to increase the AC system efficiency: 

Schedule the AC system maintenance service!

  • As soon as you get some free time out of your hectic schedule, call the air conditioning maintenance services in Palm Desert to quickly inspect the AC system for any issues or malfunctioning faults. The technician will also lubricate the mechanical components that cause loud noises during operation and electrical wires to avoid electrical hazards. 

Replace the air filter

  • Replacing the air filter before the summer season begins is a healthy habit of keeping the AC system in the best condition. Using the same air filter every year is not suggested by the AC technicians because: 
  • It increases electricity bills. 
  • It gives an invitation to new AC problems. 
  • It blocks the air and reduces efficiency. 
  • It increases the workload on the essential AC components. 
  • It decreases indoor air quality, giving access to your premises to pathogens, germs, and allergens.

Clean the condensate and drain lines 

  • Condensate and drain lines help carry the moisture and water droplets away from the AC unit and residence. It is essential to clean it up, so it does not get clogged up during the summer season. If the water does not get a clear path to drain away, it will get collected inside the unit, leading to water leakage issues. 
    You can clean the condensate drain by plunging a big brush into the gutter. It will clean the blockage and clear the debris around the sides. 

Clean the AC outdoor unit 

  • Cleaning the outdoor units includes clearing the foliage and greenery growing around the AC unit, trimming the bushes and trees, and removing all the matter that can be an obstacle to the AC unit’s functioning. 

Prep-up the thermostat 

  • The thermostat helps control the AC system, so preparing the thermostat is necessary for the prep-up routine. Set the settings of the AC system to a minimal temperature (78°F) to balance the savings and comfort needs. 


A visual inspection of the duct system will help you find any gaps or faults in the structure that could hinder the AC system’s functioning. If you are looking for air conditioning services in Palm DesertFirst Choice AC and Heating technicians are happy to help you find a resolution!