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Why Is It Important To Do AC Maintenance Every Year?

Have you ever skipped your annual air conditioner maintenance because you forgot to schedule the service? Don’t worry, a lot of people have! But, we’re here to tell you that this may not be the wisest option for your air conditioner! Why do you ask? Read through this article to understand why air conditioner maintenance is important! In Palm Desert Heating and Air Conditioning services offering by Us.

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

Air conditioner maintenance service was established so that contractors in all parts of the country can maintain their client’s air conditioning units. It’s to check up on the unit and make sure nothing is wrong. It’s very similar to your annual doctor’s visit. There may be nothing wrong with your health, but getting a check-up isn’t a bad idea.

The same is said for an air conditioner. Maintenance service focuses entirely on checking your unit and seeing whether there are any underlying problems. If there are, the contractor will fix them, and you’ll get the unit working back to normal. 

So, what are the advantages of these?

The answer to that is simple:

  • You will get a properly working unit which will provide cooler air.
  • The cleaner coils and filters will better the quality of air inside your home. This means this will reduce the chances of allergies and infections.
  • You may be able to detect a broken plate or fan before it goes rogue and breaks down other parts inside your unit.
  • Keeping your AC as a well-oiled machine will make sure the unit can be used for several more years, maybe even past the 12-year limit on most ACs.
  • You’ll remain up to date with your warranty requirements which means the next time something breaks down, you may just get a small discount!

Air conditioner maintenance is recommended by all companies that provide AC service in Palm Desert. Additionally, it is also recommended by federal organizations like the US Department of Energy. Therefore by scheduling this service, you’ll be aligning yourself with the quality requirements set by the government. 

Now that you know the advantages of maintaining your unit, let’s understand what will happen if you don’t maintain your unit:

  • You may not detect a problem until it festers and causes a complete breakdown of your unit, in which case your only option is replacing your unit completely.
  • You may have to spend double the amount you usually would on repairs or replacement of expensive parts.
  • Your AC will continue to give out cold air, but the chances are this air will come with bacteria or pollen, which may cause rashes and allergies.
  • Not to mention, the overall lifespan of your unit is lowered.

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