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4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Heat Pump

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As a homeowner of Palm Desert, you make a massive investment while buying a heating device. Unsurprisingly many questions are running through your mind while purchasing a new heat pump for your house. Heat pumps are considered one of the most efficient home heating systems that reduce your environmental footprint. As a dependable service provider for heat pump repair in Palm Desert, we help our customers to make the right decisions while buying a heat pump, which meets their financial goals. Why? Because we want you to be satisfied with the heat pump for years to come.

Here Are 4 Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself:

1. How Much Am I Able to Spend? 

Heat pumps are excellent and efficient home appliances. Generally, there is a thumb rule: the more you invest, the less you need to pay in the long run. Typically, all efficient products have a higher cost than less efficient devices. Investing in the right heat pump can also save on your energy costs over the long term. High-end home appliances last longer and significantly increase your return on investment.

2. What Kind of Heat Pump Do I Need? 

There are ductless and ducted heat pumps available in the market. The ducted heat pumps transfer heat from the outdoor air to warm your home during the winter and expel your home’s heat during summer. The ductless heat pumps work similarly but without ducts, and they are typically the most efficient home appliances on the market today. Each type of heat pump has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Our heat pump expert can help you to find the best fit for your needs.

3. What Type of Thermostat Should I Buy? 

During our heating services in Palm Desert, CA, we suggest that homeowners install a programmable thermostat. While installing a new heat pump, our technician can install a new thermostat in your room. Based on your home needs, you can choose between a standard and a programmable thermostat. Where standard thermostats provide you “heat” or “cool” option along with an “on” or “auto” fan control, programmable thermostats operate automatically and adjust the home temperature as needed. Programmable thermostats are cost-effective, and they make your system run while monitoring energy consumption.

4. Should I Buy A Dual Fuel System? 

If you live in an area where the electric costs are higher than in other areas, you may consider buying a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system generally is supplemented with a natural gas or propane furnace. When the temperature outside is too low for your heat pump to operate efficiently, the furnace will start automatically. A dual fuel system is an excellent choice for below-freezing temperatures.

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