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Harmful Effects Of Extreme Cold Weather

It is difficult to predict the extremities of the weather in today’s time. We all have witnessed a drastic climatic change with the onset of winters every year. It is evident from the past that there is a continuous decrease in the temperature during the winter season. Extreme cold weather could have dangerous effects on your health. There is a crucial need to get prepared for such conditions.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Health?

It is very important to retain your health with the winters getting colder every year in California. The absence of proper woolen clothes or reliable heating services in Palm Desert, CA, could lead to unhealthy conditions.

  • Increases stress: Cold weather decreases the capability of your body to cope with psychological stress. Increasing stress also leads to other health conditions such as physical exertions, increasing blood pressure, and heart problems.
  • Weakens the immune system: Extreme low temperature affects the blood flow in your body. It reduces the blood supply to the vital body parts, decreasing the count of white blood cells. It can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of catching diseases like cold and flu.
  • Dry skin and frostnip: Cold weather conditions affect the balance of moisture on your skin. It makes the skin dry and prone to cuts and damages. Change in the blood flow can further lead to conditions of frostnip. It makes somebody’s parts pale due to a lack of blood.
  • Hypothermia: Hypothermia occurs when your body gets used to the cold weather. The temperature of your body drops below the natural temperature of 95°F. It results in conditions like shivering, numbness, and tiredness.

What precautions should be taken in winters?

  • Outdoors: Covering your body with warm clothes is the best way to survive cold temperatures. You should dress in layers to keep your body warm and away from unhealthy conditions. Eating well and keeping your body hydrated would help to cope with the low temperatures.
  • Indoors: During extreme winter conditions, staying indoors is the smartest decision. Heating devices and systems prove to help keep your indoors warm. Trustworthy heating services in Palm Desert, CA, help you cope with the ill effects of extreme cold.

The different types of heating systems

It is essential to install a heating system in your homes and workplaces to ensure balanced temperatures during winters. It is also vital to maintain your heating devices and opt for an optimum Heat Pump Repair in Palm Desert.

  • Furnace: It generates hot air and circulates it through the duct system of your apartment or office.
  • Boiler: A boiler heats the water, and it flows through a network of pipes in your homes, making it warm.
  • Heat pump: It extracts the natural heat from the outside air and circulates it into your home or workplace.

It is best to stay prepared for extreme climate changes by keeping yourself warm in winters. First Choice AC and Heating Inc provide you with exceptional cooling and heating systems. The team of experts in our employees takes care of all your requirements from installation and repair to heating replacement in Palm Desert, CA. We help you survive the winters comfortably with affordable services.